Tourist Attractions in Surat


The Old Fort The Old Fort Surat

It was built by Mohammad Tughlak in the 14th century to shield against the bhils.




The Textile Market The Textile Market Surat

The huge textile market of the city is the pride of the state of Gujarat. Dotted with innumerable shops selling variety of clothes, the textile market is worth visiting.



Dumas  SuratDumas Surat

Nestled in midst of picturesque setting in the southeast of the city, Dumas is a well known health resort. An attractive place with the soothing weather, pristine scenic beauty and lovely cottages placed on the seafront make it a rejuvenating place for any visitor.


Hajira Beach SuratHajira Beach Surat

Situated at a distance of 28km from the city, the Hajira beach is a popular tourist spot because of it scenic beauty. The swaying palm trees, shimmering sands, casurina trees and the deep azure water of the mighty Arabian sea all make it a picturesque beach.


Gopipura SuratGopipura Surat

A charming village that derived its name from the mythical Brahmin Gopi who is believed to have founded the city, the Gopipura village is situated near the city. It has several attractive Jain temples and the Agama Mandir.



Winchester Museum SuratWinchester Museum Surat

The museum named after Mr.Winchester, a British Collector revered for his constructive measures in making Surat a prosperous city, has several valuable articles on the historical journey of the city.



Dandi  SuratDandi Surat

Located on the coastline near the Surat city, Dandi is a famous historical place known for the famous' Dandi March Salt Satyagrah movement ' by Bapu in 1930 to protest against the salt laws of the British Government.The place also served as a venue for the famous Satyagrah movement in the country.